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With over 30 years experience as a local 'Brick & Mortar' business owner and serial entrepreneur, Dave Striegel understands the challenges being faced in today's changing economy. His "Been there and still doing it" mentality makes him uniquely qualified as a marketing coach to help other local and small business owners position their shops on-line in front of more new customers quickly and effectively.

About This Site

Google has made some MAJOR changes that have impacted all of our 'Google My Business' accounts and they never bothered to tell us!

Are you showing up on the map when local customers are searching Google for your services? 

Google recently made a secret change in how local businesses get found on the free maps listing and a lot of them have lost their rankings overnight; disappearing from the only place that matters—the front page.

Local Google Search Listings Auto Repair Marketing

Don’t get upset, that’s just the way Google works! And it’s an easy fix, if you know the mysterious and obscure ways Google thinks. But once you’re in the know it’s like unlocking the vault; your phone starts ringing, new customers start pouring in, and you will have the tools to do it over and over again.

When was the last time you checked how far down the search page your business is getting found? What about your web site? Would you even know what to do??

Even if you have someone else taking care of your Google account or web presence, I'm baffled by how many web geeks don't even know whats going on yet! And you may have to tell them what needs done before your business drops even further, or worse yet - COMPLETELY off the local search listings.

Wouldn't it be nice to take back control of your own local listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp? To be free from paying someone else to manage your local reputation that isn't even doing a good job??

This comprehensive and easy to follow step-by-step course will guide you all along the way. From helping you understand the new changes in Google's local ranking, to setting up your 'Google My Business' account for maximum positioning in the map listings. 

When you invest in this course you'll discover:

  • What Google took away from us local business owners and why
  • How to use their new plan to your advantage, quicker and it's easier than you'd imagine once you know the secret
  • Why it's so important to use your smart phone to upload your own images
  • And what to do with them BEFORE you click send
  • Plus you'll also get our complete guide on managing your reviews with ease

But that's not all! This course will also walk you through setting up and managing your Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp account without having to pay someone else unnecessary and ongoing exorbitant fees. All of the lessons include screen capture tutorials that will show you exactly what to do and how to get there even if you don't consider yourself computer literate. Just watch the video, push pause and work your magic, then push play and keep going.

You'll be amazed at how simple we've made the entire process with our 5 content packed Modules...

Module 1 will show you exactly how your prospective new customers are searching for you right now and which words are the best ones to use in all the right places. What you will learn just about 'keywords' in this module is worth twice the price of the entire course.

Module 2 has everything you need to get your images & pictures set up right on the 'back end' to propel your business to new heights in the map listings and everywhere else on the web. Most business owners don't even know about these tips, tricks and strategies...

Module 3 is all about managing your reviews! How to get more of the right ones and where, what to do with them once they're up there, and exactly how to handle a bad one.

Module 4 expands your new found expertise in local positioning to the other search engines that matter, and also reveals my secret to rise up in the Yelp listings without having to pay them a dime!

Module 5 will turn you into an SEO expert, with all the web site tools and tricks you need to know to leap frog over your competition and show up for all the products & services that matter most to your ideal customer. Even if you have no intention of building or updating your own web site, this module will show you how to manage your web geek effectively, speaking their language and saving a TON of money and time!

Each module was recorded as a live video screen capture course. You'll also get access to the extremely valuable Q&A sessions that followed. To hear the questions others in your position had along with the answers is priceless.

Just listen to what some of these pioneers had to say:

Plus this course is packed full of bonus materials like the MP3 audio recordings of all the video classes to download & listen while you're driving; turning your commute time into class time.  You'll also get valuable resources like Dave's Cheat Sheets and Work Sheets to print out and have right long with you as you work on your local business positioning.

But that's not all! When you join us on this liberating web journey, you'll also get to experience 90 days FREE of our Help Syndicate Silver Support group with access to:

  • Our secret Face Book Closed Group page where you can quickly get answers to your questions from experts like Dave plus the entire community of fellow 'Locals' that have the experience and have been where you've been
  • E-Zine tips and tricks delivered to your inbox periodically that will keep you up to date with all the changes that are always happening in the world of Google search
  • Monthly LIVE coaching calls that dive deeper into the hottest on-line topics that keep your business up in the rankings above your competition
  • Members Only Discounts on all our courses and training events
  • EXTRA BONUS - Free 30 minute One-On-One Web Print Analysis with Dave to help you create and manage your on-line search strategy. This is pure Silver and Dave normally charges $297 for this personal access! Many of our members have said this bonus alone was worth all the difference in how they approached getting found on Google. Helping their business out pace their competition and leap ahead in the listings. This course and Web Print Analysis is critical right now! Don't let your competitors get a hold of this before you do - or you'll be WAY behind and playing serious catch up...

This special group membership is only $97/month after your Free 90 day trial, and will be billed automatically with no need to enroll. Stay as long as you want! There's no commitment or contracts - if you're not thrilled with your Free 90 day trial in our Silver Support group, just send us an email and we'll cheerfully cancel any future billing. No questions asked!

Just remember, regardless of your decision to stay in our community of Local Business owners, access to the course and all it's modules is yours to keep for as long as you like!

SECTION 1: Let's Get Started

Lesson 2:

Fast Start Guide

SECTION 2: Local Positioning - Module 1

Lesson 3:

Keyword Research


Lesson 4:

Keyword Research - Bonus Q&A Session


Lesson 5:

Bonus: Setting up your own Google Adwords account

SECTION 3: Local Positioning - Module 2

Lesson 6:

Google My Business Navigation & Photos Optimization


Lesson 7:

GMB Update - New Features: Story & Posts


Lesson 8:

Module 2 Questions After Class


Lesson 9:

Google My Business Navigation & Photos Optimization Q&A

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